Policy & House-rules

Social Distancing

We make sure to keep a safe distance between us and our guests.

Limited Number Of Persons

We follow the restrictions and guidelines from the local authorities.Therefore, the maximum number of guests in our bed and breakfast is 2 x 2 persons.


Breakfast will be brought to your door on a trolley

Clean Surfaces

By working with a signaling system we take extra care to keep the toilet continuously clean. We clean and disinfect surfaces frequently throughout the day with special attention to high-touch areas.We are using high-level hygiene products, that still live up to the environmental requirements and our sustainable code of conduct.

Clean Hands

We are trained in hygiene protocols that prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and make you feel safe. We wash and sanitize hands after every encounter.

Non Smoking

We are committed to providing our guests and associates with a smoke-free environment. Guests who smoke are permitted to do so outside.

Quiet Hours

Between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.


Pets are not permitted.

Parties / Meetings / Drugs

Parties, meetings and/or drugs are not permitted.